Rap Artist Gin Dutch AR & VR photoshoot by Skip Pas Designs Dark84WCL

Gin Dutch 125a

‪#‎AR‬ Augmented Reality with our first ‪#‎VR‬ Virtual Reality photo & video shoot. Featuring Rap Artist Gin Dutch. Jennifer Druiventak with her sister Yvette were the featured models for this themed shoot. This video shows the vision fashion director Skip Pas had been working on for 3 years with‪#‎Dark8Ink4wcl‬. The Scrap Collection incorporates repurposed leather from our top designs and assembled in original limited edition pieces. We offer a duffle bag $895 Backpack $695 Women’s raw edged cafe racer style zip jacket $995 Men’s Racier $995 specially prices thru Aug 30 2016. Price increase scheduled for Sept 1 Call West Coast Leather to order yours today 415 362 8300. Allow 30 days for delivery in some cases. All Rights Reserved Copyright West Coast Leather 2016 Photography Skip Pas. Also available in a black version Call 415 362 8300 to order yours yGin Dutch 126

Gin Dutch 068

Gin Dutch 080

Gin Dutch 082

Gin Dutch 116