The Evolution of Leather Fashion Catalog



The Evolution of Leather Fashion Catalog Shows the delicate side of our collection. This classic women’s leather baby blue pastel is made from a supple naked lambskin leather which is light enough for Spring Summer with elegant design lines. The short one button blazer Style 6800 Price 995 in satin lined and has a leather covered button. The 24 inch pencil skirt Style 2025 Retail $595. This set can be purchased separately and is also offered in any leather color sizes 0 to 16. Design Skip Pas for San Francisco based West Coast Leather Call 415 362 8300 All products hand made in California

Celebrity Actress Model Amber Martinez

Photography Timbre Rogers

Location Redondo Beach California

Copyright West Coast Leather 2016*

Special thanks to the Facebook Group Kiss the Monkeys Interactive for coordinating our photoshoot with our amazing models actors actresses hair and makeup artists and finding this amazing roof top location